It’s okay to have flaws

Some of the people pursue everything must be perfect,  it is nice at work for project, but  in life everything “must”, it will create difficulty for yourself and the people who live with  you.  You looking for every small detail angry with every little thing normally people  won’t even notice. Constantly trying do everything perfect hard to yourself and constantly complain the imperfectness.  Make people think you are like a robotic and grumpy person. and this is the negative energy of influence, destroy the harmony of life. Why do not give yourself a chance relax and make the people surround you happy? life have too many imperfectness, too many sicknesses can’t cure, we try to do the best we can for our life, but when we can not solve the problem then forget it and start life, try to convince other people how wonderful perfect you are and  other people don’t even care about….ha,ha,ha, what for? That’s why don’t care too much what other people think about you, if you care too much other people’s feeling, you will lost yourself.   No one can do every thing perfect, that’s why it is OK to have flaws,  People who live with you don’t want live with a robot, they want have a real person.

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