The benefit of having various Knowledge’s

Today, I saw an article talk about even  the happiest people will feel lonely, and every one will get depression, I agree.  As when I lost my first husband, I was young and alone in a foreign country, I realized I get depressed,  I can choice go to doctor for help, but I decided not , I remember I was read a book  at 80th, I like very much, this book wrote by Andrew Matthews  named “Being Happy”  I remember it wrote: if you go to psychology  tell them I doing this and this,  the psychology will tell you stop doing this doing that. I think I’m a strong minded person,  So I try stop feel lonely; self-pity, tell myself I can deal it and it works. Helped me through the difficult times.

Knowledge is power.  a person with strong  inner power , will not feel alone. Always have a positive mind. Your mind can control your mood.  Read one book, learn one friend.  You will become unconquerable!

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