We Know Water

Aqueous Solutions Global (ASG) is an internationally recognized and tested water filtration company built on new technology that removes not only Arsenic, Lead, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese and other Contaminants, but also kills dangerous Micro-Organisms without the use of Chemical treatments. ASG medias require no electricity, no regeneration, and no back washing to delivered clear clean water for drinking or process ingredient water.

this media has some unique features which provide important benefits for drinking water process water and even  wastewater.
these features include Permanent attachment fo the contaminants so they are permanently removed from the environment

This blog wrote two years ago, today after two years  test of the product, we find out Our product could do much more as we know before.   it is proven Our media is the best clean Water Tech on the current  world market!  It do not need power, easy portable, do not have Waste, after the expend of the media, it could used for eco-friendly pave material. This is a real revolutionary Clean Water Technology.

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