We Know Water

Aqueous Solutions Global (ASG) is an internationally recognized and tested water filtration company built on new technology that removes not only Arsenic, Lead, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese and other Contaminants, but also kills dangerous Micro-Organisms without the use of Chemical treatments. Aqueous Solutions Global Technology require no electricity, save cost, no regeneration and no back washing save Water, to delivered clear clean Safe drinking and process ingredient water.

One of most important feature of this Technology is the only one Technology can produce Safe drinking Water on the current world market. it removes total Organic Carbon without form of disinfection byproducts. all commonly used Chemicals to remove total organic carbon are form disinfection byproducts,  the high level total organic carbon in untreated Water, the higher the disinfection byproducts in treated Water. disinfection byproduct known to cause bladder Cancer and reproductive problems.